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Time to play in the snow!!

Time to play in the snow!!


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As Macie ages I love to think back on her life. This is a photo I took last week while we were out for a walk. She has always loved to get into deep into tall grass, think brush, or just anywhere she thinks something might be hiding and “hunt”. When is on the trail of something her little stub of a tail starts wagging and she makes the cutest sounds with her nose. One time when we were in Cleveland for an agility trial she actually caught a mouse. I needless to say, was not as happy as she was especially when I had to make sure she didn’t take it with us.

Give your dogs a hug for me.



Here is a photo of Macie on her new bed. As she ages (will be 15 years young in March) she mostly sleeps so getting a new bed for Christmas was the best gift we could give her.



because we are busy doing remodeling to two rooms. Here are a couple of photos. Baylor loves to help and while we were taking off the wallpaper on the ceiling (yes you read that right:)) he sits on the ladder thing with me. If I don’t get back before Christmas I pray your holiday season  is full of family, fun, some great walks with the dogs, and the true reason for the season.




Photo is not the best quality but I love her smile.


I am a book freak, ok I said it out loud, and I do feel better. This is not something new to my family. Anytime we go near a book store they know I will be in there for hours. Everywhere I go I always have a book in my bag. I love to read. Of course being a dog lover, I am drawn to books about dogs. This past year I have read a some really good books with dogs as the focus or within the story. Tuesday night I went shopping with my mom, sister, and nephew. I am not a person who loves to shop but when we pulled up to the mall I had not been to in a few years I seen a glorious sight, Books-a-Million was now part of the mall and inside it had a COFFEE BAR and big comfy chairs!! I was in heaven. 

I found my way to the pet section and started going through all of the books. I pulled out four doggie cookbooks to browse through as I am really thinking about how my dogs eat and what goes into their bodies (this is actually for all of us two and four leggeds in our home).

Along with the cookbooks The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook, The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs, I also found Jon Katz new book Izzy and Lenore: Two Dogs an Unexpected Journey, and Me. I have enjoyed all of his books and look forward to this one. I am in the process of reading What the Dog Did by Emily Yoffe and laughing at so many of the stories she writes.

What dog related books are your favorite or you would recommend?

Asleep on top of my legs while I read.

Asleep on my lap while I read.


I like this photo of Macie I took the first year we moved in to our new home. I like seeing her reflection in the glass. Her reflection makes me reflect on the years she has shared with me. Macie came into our home after we had been married for about a year and a half. We have now been married 16+years. She has seen me as a young wife, buying a first home, getting involved in doggie sports, traveling, returning to school for my bachelors and now masters, through selling and buying another home, the loss of two of our dear aussies, and a year of ill health for me. Macie reflects a decade and a half of my growing, changing, and I hope maturing. Because of Macie I am a better person, surrounded by doggie friends I would have never had if she didn’t venture with me weekend after weekend to new adventures in the world of doggie sports. She helped me to find great trails to hike and lakes for her to swim. As Macie ages I know our time is limited, however I can not imagine her not in my life, sleeping at the foot of my bed, sharing more adventures.

Please hug your dog for me, cherish them every moment, and thank them for the gifts they give us.


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